The name's Tyler. 17. USA. Soccer. Skate. Straight. My Tumblr consists of anything that I think looks sweet and appeals to my taste. Hope you enjoy!
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So this is an absolutely amazing sketch of me done by this lovely lady. Please go check her out, she’s great. (:

Anonymous said: are all guys assholes???

haha funny you should ask that because this really does upset me when guys do this because it makes the nicer guys like myself look like trash. short answer: no. long answer: i tend to think of myself as a nice, caring individual when it comes to anybody, however when it comes to being around women, i act extra caring and nice. and there are plenty of guys out there like this. guys who will get you flowers out of the blue, guys who always remind you of how special you are, guys who genuinely care about YOU. however there are even more guys who just try to get into your pants by saying all of the things you want to hear. and the asshole doesn’t care if he hurts you, as long as he is satisfied. that’s why girls need to really get to know a guy before opening up her heart for him. you should fully trust the guy with your heart before you give it to him, because when a heart breaks, it doesn’t break even and sure as hell won’t fully recover. and a lot of times, the nicer guys are the guys who are right in front of you (aka a close friend who likes to help you out and talk to you a lot *hint hint*). in conclusion, no not all guys are assholes. you just have to take your time (assuming you are a girl asking this question) and pick out the guys who care about the size of your heart, not the size of your bra. 

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